We specialize in producing goods from acryl/plexi/plexiglass, PS, PET, PVC

We execute only bespoke production
We provide full service from product design to shipment
There was no order in our history that was too large
We use best quality materials
Although the processes of cutting, bending, forming and bonding are demanding, we assure top market quality
Our customers are market leaders


Visit us. It’s only 30 minutes from Warsaw city center.


PLEXIMA in numbers:
founded in 1992
processing over 300 tons of acryl/plexiglass a year
employing over 30 workmen
1200 m2 of manufacturing area
exporting to over 40 countries around the world
finishing tolerance 0.1 mm
4 modern laser cutting machines with Synrad® tubes
3 new big format CNC machines
2 thermoforming machines

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