There is a great range of synthetic material sheets to choose from; they differ in physical qualities, colour, structure, opacity, etc.

Our favourite material is acrylic (also known as acrylic glass, poly(methyl methacrylate), plexiglas or PMMA).

We use sheets having factory dimensions of 2,05 x 3,05 m, and a thickness of 1,5 mm to 40 mm. The sheets are clear, pigmented to exhibit different colours, colour-transparent, opal white for lighting, clear-frosted on one or both sides, fluorescent, mirror-surfaced, having increased resistance to impacts, etc.

Beside sheets we also use acrylic pipes, rods and blocks.

Other products we use are high impact polystyrene (HIPS) in white and other colours, excellent for thermal forming and use inside rooms, PVC – hard and foamed; PET, PETG – very resistant in terms of mechanics, excellent for thermal forming; PC – polycarbonate, and ABS.

Ready Product

Ready Product



Our work is usually based on designs and drawings received from our customers. However, we are ready to help even at this step.

We work in: Rhino, Adobe Illustrator and CorelDRAW.

We create visualizations, design forms and develop technical documentations.

CuttingFor cutting plastic sheets we use:


CNC milling plotters with work surface 2100 mm x 3100 mm

Lasers powered max 200 W with work surface 2000 mm x ∞

Any shape can be cut with 0.2 mm precision.

Our thermal bending devices let work on plastic sheets up to 3050 mm long and 20 mm thick.

For orders above 1000 pcs we can bend elements to bow-shaped (any radius, up to 2000 mm long).


We glue PMMA, PS and PVC elements with all commercially available glues: 1- or 2-components, UV.

We cut the edges of the elements at any angle and glue them in a very high quality without air bubbles.

We produce tight baths and aquariums.

We sink itmes (paper prints, small objects) between two acrylic elements (tombstones).

PolishingThe edges of elements get smooth after laser or diamond cut, flaming or mechanical polishing.

We design and make forms from MDF or special resins with addition of aluminium.

Our specialities are small items – our thermoforming machines format is 1000 mm x 750 mm.


We offer products with: silk screen prints, tampon prints, digital prints, foil prints and offset printed stickers.

Our special laser allows for precise engraving of elements sized up to 600 mm x 400 mm.


For many years we have been cooperating with trusted partners – manufacturers of metalic, cardboard, wooden and electronic elements.

We coordinate large projects to deliver assembled final products on time.


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